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FundaFunda provides online full semester classes for homeschoolers and short online special interest classes for all students.

Our classes are specially crafted to be engaging and fun while still providing in-depth tuition. The teachers and teaching assistants love what they do and will help students get to grips with the material.

  • I highly recommend the World Geography Class taught by Meryl van der Merwe. My daughter took the online version of this class last year as a freshman. The class was interesting, fun, fast-paced, yet rigorous. No boring textbooks here… learning occurred through games, projects and online activities. She gained a much broader perspective of the world in which we live. The computer skills she acquired in the process was an added bonus.

    — Lorie H.
  • All Mrs. van der Merwe’s classes are fun. They keep me interested and I always learn new things. I know this sounds generic, but I really enjoy these classes. Each of Mrs. van der Merwe’s classes are rigorous. Because of the deadlines, I am pushed to finish my work on time or early. I would definitely recommend any of her classes to people.

    — Kate P.
  • The five Fundafunda classes my daughter has taken have all been excellent! They have kept her busy with meaningful work, and she has finished each with a strong understanding of the material. I highly recommend Fundafunda as an excellent choice for meaningful, up-to-date, engaging coursework.

    — Claire P.

We involve the students in the learning process instead of simply lecturing them. We keep tests and textbooks to a minimum (though there are classes where these are necessary). Instead we use many of the wonderful resources the internet has to offer - videos, infographics, interactive sites and games to name a few.

And assignments are rarely papers but rather students show what they have learned by creating videos and posters and websites and e-books that they can share with friends and family.

Your children can work on their classes in the comfort of your home - any time they want to. Yes, we do have deadlines - BUT they have the flexibility of working when it fits into your schedule.

And you will have children who enjoy studying and retain and understand the material long after the class is over.

All our teachers teach in regular classrooms as well as online and have years of experience.

  • Jeremiah King

    Jeremiah King

    Jeremiah King received his degree in Classics from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He was himself homeschooled and currently homeschools his two children. Jeremiah has taught ballroom dance professionally since 2001 and teaches Latin privately and at a homeschool cooperative.

  • Heather Fulghum

    Heather Fulghum

    Heather Fulghum studied Environmental Science at Auburn University. She worked for several years at a Resource Engineering and Testing Company before homeschooling her 3 children. Gardening, photography, and exploring the great outdoors are how she spends her free time.

  • Josh Watson

    Joshua Watson

    Joshua grew up in Los Angeles, where he worked on a BFA in photojournalism and later earned an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in photography. He lectures at Front Range Community College in Colorado and has had success as a commercial, wedding and event photographer.

  • Rachel Watson

    Rachel Watson

    Rachel Lara Watson, a Ph.D. student in media studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, has an M.A. in culture and media studies and an undergraduate degree in film production. Her work as a filmmaker has screened on mtvU and Pitchfork, and at film festivals around the world.

  • Meryl van der Merwe

    Meryl van der Merwe

    Meryl van der Merwe homeschooled her 4 children and has taught at a homeschool co op for 10 years. She is a computer programmer by training who loves traveling and reading. She is the founder of Fundafunda.com and this online academy.

  • Dana

    Dr Dana Underwood

    Dana studied biochemistry at Clemson and genetics at UGA before starting teaching at Central New Mexico Community College. Now she homeschools her 2 children and in her spare time enjoys volunteering, cooking, gardening, and reading (especially mysteries).

  • piers

    Piers van der Merwe

    Piers van der Merwe’s serious hobby is photography. You can view his work on his blog Onstandby.

  • Suzette

    Suzette Laporte-Ayo

    Suzette Laporte-Ayo was raised in Mexico and studied chemical engineering at the University of Arizona. For over 20 years now she has been teaching Spanish. In her spare time, she is a Zumba instructor.

And all the teaching assistants were once students in the classes, so they know exactly what is required.

Browse our list of full semester classes designed for homeschoolers OR look at our short summer and winter vacation classes which cover topics students may not find in a typical school curriculum.

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14 day money back guarantee

If you realize our classes are not a good fit for your child, just email us within 14 days of the class starting and we will refund 100% of the fees.


Are there specific times my child will need to be online?

There are seldom specific times required. Students can work when it suits them. The only exception to this is Spanish where students do need to participate in online discussion a few times each semester. But there are a number of different times offered so you do have some flexibility.

Will my child receive a grade?

Yes – for all full semester classes they will, and also for the short computer classes. There are some of the short classes which do not have assignments that are graded.

What if my child struggles with the material?

Students have access to the teacher and the teaching assistants – they are all just a message away! Messages are usually answered within 24 hours during the week.

What does a typical week look like?

Obviously this differs from class to class, but to help you get an idea, we have set up a demo classroom with the first week of most of our classes. Click here to access the Demo Classroom. Then use the login student@fundafunda.com with password fundafunda.

What is your educational philosophy?

In short, we try to accommodate different learning styles, we want to teach mastery of the material, we want the students to be actively engaged in their learning – and we want them to enjoy it. For more info read our blog post on the topic.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that you may realize our classes are not a good fit for your child and so we offer a full refund for the first 14 days after a class starts. Just email info@fundafunda.com.

Please note: As per Tennessee regulations, 9.25% sales tax must be added to all orders. Dismiss